Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 7 and Beyond.....What happened??

In case you are wondering what the heck happened to me.....Day 7 I came down with the flu!  Like sleep for 20 hours and not eat a thing flu.  This lasted for maybe 4 days.  After I was all recovered, I had lost a pretty good amount of weight, just from the sheer fact that I didn't hardly eat.  I didn't feel right posting that I had lost all kinds of weight, when it was for false reasons.  I then became insanely HUNGRY!  Of course.  When I am sick, I let my body do what it tells me it wants to do.  Sometimes it is eat chicken soup, sometimes I crave chocolate!  I give it a pass and just focus on getting better, and for me sometimes that means I eat chocolate :)

So today is March 1, and guess what that means.....HEALTHY LIVING CHALLENGE!!!

Boy, I have really been a slacker over here with the blogging!  It is now March 9, but the good news is that I have been eating my normal routine.


I have been drinking lemon water instead of the usual water.  Add lemon to a fizz stick - POW!  Mind = BLOWN!

I do feel that my entire weight loss was lost and I am basically starting over.  Put on top of that I am going on vacation in 2 weeks, where a bathing suit will be required, and I am doubly committed to making this a go!

So I am just going to start fresh from really this week.  I have been good all week and so this should be a piece of cake protein bar ;)

I would say that I am going to keep this up while skipping down Main Street (my term for going to DISNEY!!!), but I am not going to give myself false hope.  There are too many places to eat and too many yummy things to try, but I do usually order on the side of healthy.  Besides, when walking about 10 miles a day, I think a Mickey Ice Cream bar is ok every once in a while!

I will try to keep up to date here on my loss and how my bathing suit progress is going :)

Good Living everyone!  I hope you all feel great!