Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vegan, Gluten-free, Chocolate Crispy Protein Snacks!

Hi Everyone!  I am back with a brand new recipe that I know you are going to LOVE!!!

I was just about to make some cookies when this just came to my mind.  I made sure I had everything and then started mixing!  They are DELICIOUS!!

This is a rather small recipe for me, usually I make larger batches, but I stuck with this just in case it didn't turn out.  The balls you see on the plate are all that came from this recipe.

Let's get to the good stuff!!!

Toss everything in a bowl (except the 1/2 cup coconut) and mix it up!  Scoop little balls and roll them in the coconut.  THAT'S IT!!!  I had these ready in about 5 minutes :)

I hope you enjoy them!  I am excited to serve them at my next party!  If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear it!

Take care of yourself!