Friday, July 24, 2015

The Summer Essentials Guide

HI Folks!  I am hear to talk to you about the SUMMER!!!  Yay!  Fun in the SUN!  Go to the beach, lounge around, swim, read a good book, relax!  But - you also have to take good care of yourself!  So, these are my beach essentials!  Most are from Arbonne of course, but one is not - and that is a good Turkish Towel!  They come in every color you can imagine, they fold up to a tiny little thing, they are super absorbent, and they dry super quick!  When you are hauling 4 people and all the gear that goes along with it - trust me, you will be happy you don't have one enormous bag just full of towels!

Now, on to my other Summer Essentials!  I use these products EVERY DAY in the summer.  I have 2 kids in camp, and their camp consists of playing in the woods and being outside all day.  That means in my crazy Mom head - Bugs, and Sunburn!  Here we go!

Don't forget - All of these products are PURE. SAFE. BENEFICIAL!  No chemicals on my babies!!!

  1. Kids Sunblock - Love it!  I put it on their face and body.  It goes on white, because it is made from Zinc - not chemicals, but if you rub it in well they will not look like Casper as they run off to go play all day!
  2. Bug Spray - This is actually a body spray that smells amazing, designed to wake you up a bit, but the flip side, is that bugs don't like it...Awesome!  This even kept the flies away on the beach!!
  3. Lip Balm (not pictured) - Must protect the lips as well!  SPF 15 and has a nice coconut smell.
  4. Water - Of course you can use any water bottle, but this one is 32oz, and I love it!  People ask me where I got it all the time :)
  5. Adult Sunblock - SPF 30, it comes out smoother than I thought it would and it has good coverage, and of course it is good for you!  It is water-resistant, non-greasy and moisturizing at the same time!  I use the RE9 day cream on my face, but there is also a separate face cream just for sun.  
  6. Sun Burn (not pictured) - Oh NO!!!  You missed a spot and now you have a sunburn...It happens to us all!  Apply the Gelee to the sunburn and it will cool you down and heal you super fast!
The kids have yet to come home with a sunburn or a bug bite (except for the one day we forgot the bug spray - oops!!).  

If you have any questions about any of these products please let me know!

Enjoy what's left of the summer!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Get Growing!!!

I know I haven't posted in a few days, but I have a very good reason for this...Today I am going to share with you what I have been busy doing!

I have been growing!!!

I have been so consumed with growing myself that I have not had time to review anything!!  I love all of my products more and more each day, and every day I am a little more comfortable going out there and telling people!  It now spills out of me without being able to stop it, and guess what.  I have been helping people left and right!  I LOVE that!!!  If I can help someone look healthier, feel healthier, or improve their life in any way, then I am a happy girl!

Just yesterday I helped someone discover how a fiber and fizz stick drink will perk you up and make you feel full.  She emailed me later in the day and said it was amazing, and she was so grateful to me that I showed this to her.  She then told me that I was amazing at what I do and she knows that I will be very successful.  I almost cried.  I'm not kidding. She is not going to buy from me, she has a different rep (my sponsor), but I didn't care, I just wanted to help her.

My mind is so clear and I know exactly where I am going!  But I cannot go alone.  I MUST take people with me!  I cannot be successful if I do not help others to become successful!  This is not about me.  It is about US!  This is so opposite from the corporate world!  In corporate world (CW) everyone is trying to kill each other to get to the top.  Everyone is driving an empty bus and will roll over anyone in their way.  The lucky one on top is guarding that top like their life depends on it.  They do not want you to even get close to the top, they are going to keep you right where you are, because there is no room at the top for multiple players.

Switch over to Arbonne...The folks at the top of Arbonne are standing there, cheering you on, helping you, holding out their hand to help pull you to the top!  They are DYING to give you the keys to your first Mercedes, or to give you a drink when you go to Hawaii with them.  They are so passionate to make sure that you are right there with them.  That is amazing to me!  Yes of course, they are benefiting from me working hard and making money, but so am I!  In CW I am working and making them money and they are benefiting, but I am still just getting my 2% raise - and I am told to be grateful I am getting that!

If something happens to me tomorrow, my last paycheck comes on the 15th in CW.  In Arbonne, when I reach Area Manager, if something happens to me, my residual income will still come to my family for 3 generations!  Amazing!

I plan to work my butt off, no matter what it takes, so that I can live my life how I want to live it!  If you want to hear more about how to get started doing the same, get in touch with me!!!  I will not fail you!  I will set you up for success, but you have to be willing to work it.  That does not mean lots of hours, that means in your heart and your mind, you have to want this!  I know you can do it, anyone can do it if they put their mind to it!  Drop what you think about Network Marketing and let me teach you how to make a living by replacing products you already use, with healthier products.  You will thank me you did, and I will thank you as well :)

So what have I been doing to grow?  READING!  READING!  READING!

I am going to list out the books I have been reading and the links on Amazon.  They have helped me in all aspects of my life - not just Arbonne.  I am so grateful every day for seeing this opportunity and taking it.

These were good to get me started:
The Four Year Career
Beach Money

These 2 really made the whole journey make sense on HOW to be successful:
Go Pro: 7 steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional
Dare to Dream and Work to Win

I am currently reading:
The Secret

Up next:
Flip Flop CEO

So please - if you need to feel healthier I beg you to ask me for help!  It would make my day, and I promise it would make yours too!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A week of cleaning...

I'm not talking about cleaning my room - or my house.  I'm talking internal cleaning...I did the 7 day cleanse!

When I was first thinking of doing this I figured I had to map out my life.  Ok, when will I have 7 days to stay home, and be able to run to the toilet at a moments notice?  I quickly realized that with 2 kids home from school (having playdates) and working 2 jobs, this was NEVER going to happen.  So I woke up one day and just decided to do it.

Day 1 - I've got my 32oz bottle ready to go!  The taste was a little like what I would imagine watered down fig water to taste like.  I didn't hate it.  I didn't even dislike it.  But I wouldn't ever think I could go for a nice refreshing glass of cleanse water.  So I decided to drink it down and see what happens...I drank it in about an hour or so.  I drink A LOT of water anyway, so 32oz of water is nothing for me.  If you are not used to drinking lots of water then maybe this will be a problem for you.  You should be drinking a lot of water anyway - cleanse or not!  I never had to run to the bathroom.  As a matter of fact, I would say I spent the same amount of time as any other day in the bathroom.....Hmmm, maybe tomorrow I will be in trouble??

I am happy to report that I NEVER had to run to the bathroom, and there was never a change in my bathroom time.  I'm not sure what it did for me, except that I lost 3 lbs.  I didn't change how I ate, I was already eating clean, this was the only thing I added to my life.  Cool!  As the week went on I actually started to like it!  Half way through I did notice that my knees and joints started to hurt a little again...If you didn't read my 30 day detox then you missed out on the part where I was stuck in bed aching from having the toxins leaving my system.  I don't know what would have happened to my system if I hadn't done that first.  Maybe I would have been running to the bathroom and aching in pain.  I have no idea!

Will I do it again?  Probably in a month or so (no sooner than that).  It was certainly a gentle cleanse and I enjoyed it, so why not?

Let me know if you have any questions on doing the cleanse or if you would like to do it yourself!

Stay Healthy!

And remember - What goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Miracle Product!

One again I am finding myself talking about a product that is a sleeper hit.  That means I didn't even know about this product and it turns out to be one of the BEST products out there!  People who use this product - LOVE this product!!!  They refer to it as the Miracle product!  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the Renewing Body GelĂ©e.  This is from the Sea Source Detox line.  So what is so fabulous about this product?  Oh, let us count the ways.....
  1. Apply to Sore muscles
  2. Apply it to chaffed skin after a long run (or any other time you may have chafed skin.......)
  3. Apply to a sunburn. It will prevent peeling and provides a nice cooling feeling.
  4. HEADACHES!!!  MIGRAINES!!! - Prepare a fizz stick to drink and apply to your temples and neck when you feel it coming on.  It will usually ward it off, or at least have some significant relief!
  5. Spider bites and bee stings
  6. Restless Leg Syndrome - Rub on your legs before you go to bed.
  7. Fibromyalgia - Rub a little on your joints
  8. Arthritis or any type of joint pain
  9. Deodorant! - I have stopped using regular deodorant and now use this!  I was very skeptical that it would work, because I am embarrassed to say, I have to use clinical strength normally.  I am sitting in my dining room - in a heat wave - sweating to death - and I am smelling good!!!
  10. Hot Flashes!  Rub a little on the back of your neck to cool you down.
  11. Cuts and scratches
  12. Use it during radiation treatment
  13. Apply to any type of rash and it will be gone!
  14. Gets rid of stretch marks!
I'm sure there are more uses for this amazing product - anybody who uses it loves it!  The retail is 51.00, which seems like a lot at first.  If you are a preferred client it is 40.80.  If you host a party, you can get it for free!  As with all Arbonne products you only use a little bit, so it will last you a looooong time, it is free of mineral oil, chemicals, animals (no animal products or by-products, no testing on animals) , it is PURE. SAFE. BENEFICIAL.

I have to give props to another blogger, who is a runner (I do not know her), for her unbiased review.  I found most of these uses from her and the comments!

If you have ever used this product please let me know what you think!  I personally loved it before, and now that I know all of this I love it even more!  Visit my site to learn more about this product and many others!

Stay Healthy!  And Remember - What goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Healthy Happy Hour!

Last night I hosted my first Healthy Happy Hour!  I had decided earlier that day that I was going to try and host it myself.  Not that I don't think Cindy does a good job, she is great!  But I am going to have to learn sometime and I would rather do it in front of my friends for the first time.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  So I practiced all day.  I practiced until I knew exactly what I wanted to say.  I made a note card, and I was ready to go!  I set up the table, and I was happy!  I knew it was going to be a small crowd, I'm ok with that.  Actually I think it might be better!  The group did not know each other, but it didn't matter.  I was very happy with my presentation!  Yes, it could be better, but for my first shot I was happy with how I did.  I always want it to feel natural and that it is coming from me.  I want people to know that I really do believe in these products and I like to speak from the heart.  I never even ended up looking at my note card.

I started off with my story and how I got into the business.  I went through the details of the 30 day detox. Why the detox is important (maybe another post dedicated to this), what it does, and how I feel, etc.  I went into the RE9 as well, and Cindy had brought her cosmetics case (not pictured) which is always fun!

Then we got to the good stuff!  Sampling everything!

I had set up a pitcher of pomegranate fizz sticks, a pitcher of citrus fizz sticks, I made detox tea and put it in a carafe, and I had a bowl of fit chews.  One of my friends has had the greens balance for over a month now, and has been scared to try it!  I told her that I would try it with her at the party.  I made a cup of greens and we all tried that.  It was ok, but I wouldn't drink it on its own.  I ended up mixing it in with chocolate protein powder and everyone tried that - it is much better that way!  But I think the show stopper - every time I have a party - is the protein balls!  People LOVE these protein balls!  You can see them in the picture above, I have them on the plate in little paper cups.  I am going to share the recipe here.  They are so easy to make, only 4 ingredients, and they last forever!  You can make them into balls or put them in a pyrex and cut them into squares.  I do balls for the parties.

  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 2/3 cup honey (you can also use agave if you are going for vegan)
  • 1 cup protein powder (I use half and half chocolate and vanilla)
  • 2 cups of gluten free whole oats
I have used half chocolate and half vanilla, but I have also used all chocolate.  I like them both.  Heat the almond butter and honey in a saucepan on low heat until well combined.  Remove from heat.  Add the protein powder and mix well.  Add the oats to a separate bowl and add the protein butter mix to the oats.  You may need to mix with your hands.  I use coconut oil to make sure it doesn't stick to my hands, or the pyrex if I am making bars.  Store them in the refrigerator, but I like to eat them at room temperature.

If you like this recipe, check out my latest Protein Bars!!

Enjoy, have fun, and Stay Healthy!!!

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I am always looking for Smart, Entrepreneurial, people who love helping others and are looking to make extra money.  If you think that is you - or someone you know - send me a message.  I would love to hear from you! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My New Finds!

So I am very excited to share some of my new Arbonne Finds with you!  I have been doing the detox for about a month now and I am still loving every minute of it!  No plans on stopping!  Tonight is my Healthy Happy Hour party and so I am all ramped up to share what I have learned so far.

#1 - I am on Day 2 of the 7 day cleanse.  I was nervous about this because let's face it, you don't want to be out in public and suddenly have to run for the hills looking for a place to "go".  It has not done that for me!  The taste is ok.  It has grown on me.  I think it tastes like watered down fig water.  It isn't bad, but I am never going to be sitting around thinking I could really go for a cleanse beverage...The real winner here is the 32oz water bottle.  I love that thing!!

#2 - Where have you been all my life?  Well, at least the last 30 days.  I missed the part about the Fiber Boost having no taste, texture, no thickeners.  I added the fiber to my Fizz stick today and guess what...It tasted EXACTLY the same!!!  Boom!!!  I didn't realize we were supposed to have 2 scoops of fiber a day.  This makes it so much easier!  I heard an ENVP say that if you have 2 scoops of fiber a day for a year you will lose 9 lbs. just by helping the body eliminate the toxins.  Sign me up!

#3 - I now have a dedicated drawer in my kitchen right under the bullet.  It has the 2 protein powders, the Fiber Boost, chia seeds, digestion + packetsFizz sticks, chews, detox tea...I am all set in the morning!  Loving it!!!! Thanks Ikea and Arbonne :)

#4 - The Shaker cup!  Today was my first day using it, and it was so much easier than the bullet!  If you are in a hurry, just throw it all in and shake it up!  Today I had this coconut water, chocolate powder, Fiber Boost, Digestion +, and ice.  Ready in a flash!  I drank it in a flash too. Yum!

So I hope you enjoyed my new round up of things I just discovered!  I'm sure there will be more but today was quite a fun day :)

Stay Healthy!

Monday, June 15, 2015

My First Party!

Sunday was very exciting for me!  It was my first Launch party of my business!  I am having another on Wednesday, but this was my first and it was exciting. Of course, it is the summer and getting people to come out on a Sunday afternoon is almost impossible, but 2 of my friends came and we had a spa day!  I was so wrapped up in being the host that I did not do the spa, although I wish I had.  I will one of these times, for now I just needed to pay attention and try to be as helpful as possible!

So, what happens at the party?  Well, if it is a spa party, your guests wash their face with whichever product is most fitting for their skin.  If they have sensitive skin - try the Calm, if they are interested in anti-aging - try the RE9!  Then they use the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub on their hands and arms.  Then we prepare a small tub for each guest and they can soak their feet.  This tub has a little Sea Soak Powder and Detox Rescue Wash, to relax and detoxify your feet.  Then they receive a seaweed mask and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  It is then washed off with a warm towel and some Awaken Body Mist.  Once their feet are finished they then apply some Foot Creme that exfoliates and hydrates.

Then guests finish up with the set they chose, so if RE9 is chosen they finish the next 4 steps.  Then they are free to sample any cosmetics, including lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, CC cream, foundation, etc.  As I have said before - I LOVE the eyeliner and mascara!

So of course I forgot to take pictures while the party was going on, but I took this picture of the table towards the end.  It looked nice at the beginning of the party, but after we were all touching and moving things, it got a little unorganized.

Katie and I got into the lip gloss and tried this one:

All in all, I had a great time, and it was wonderful practice for me.  I need to work on speaking in front of people and telling them why I am doing the business.  I am a work in progress that is for sure, but I know in my heart why...I just need to work on letting that out!

Up next, a Healthy Happy Hour!  Samples of Fizz Sticks and my homemade protein bars will be there!

Special Thanks to Cindy, my sponsor, for giving up her day to help me with my launch!  I owe her everything and I can't wait to go to RVP with her!!!

If you want a spa party at your house and receive all kinds of fun free stuff let me know!  It's a great way to get introduced to the products!

Stay Healthy!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why am I doing Arbonne?

Today's post is going to serve double duty for me...Number One, it is going to let everyone know why I started this business.  Number 2, it is going to be a reminder to myself of why I am doing this business.  Those days when I have a sudden fear of WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!!??  I am going to come back and read this post!

Let me say one thing straight out.  I have yet to wonder what the heck am I thinking!  I have been all in from the moment I realized the opportunity.  Never looked back!  I always go with my gut when I make decisions.  Sometimes they are quick decisions - those are usually my best ones!  Something about this just felt right and I went with it.

So why the heck AM I doing it???  I have lots of reasons.  I think and type at the same time, so buckle your seat belt!

First and foremost - my gut told me to.  I have been over this enough now.  That is the first thing I go to for advice.

I tried the products and I absolutely loved them.  When I found out the purpose of the product (Pure. Safe. Beneficial.) was to bring a safe alternative to the utter crap that is out there, it made me love them all the more.  I don't know about you, but when I hear all natural cleaning products I instantly assume they don't work.  Not the case here!!  Besides, I find it funny that people care more about cleaning their counters safely, than cleaning their BODIES safely!  I was included in this category.  Why do we assume cosmetic and skin care companies are safe???

So, now I am interested in using the products.  Why don't I just become a preferred client and save 20%?  That is not good enough for me.  I must spread the information that I have learned so far, and if I could one day make a living at this, all the better!  This is my plan B for if one day I come to work and they decide they are cutting my department.  Or my husband gets cut.  Or something happens to one of us.  Guess what...If I die tomorrow, my last paycheck will come on the 15th.  When I kill it at Arbonne, my salary is willable to my children.  So, if I were Area Manager right now, and I died tomorrow, my family would still receive my checks from the business that I had built!  That is awesome! One more thing about being a consultant.  Now, when I buy any type of product for us, I am buying it from myself!  Why the hell would I open up a coffee shop, and then stop and buy coffee every day from Dunkin or Starbucks?  Especially if I liked my coffee more, and it was safer for me?

I went to a Discover Arbonne meeting with Cindy, who is my sponsor.  I was completely inspired by these women.  They are out there, making it happen so they can do what they want with their lives.  Stay home with the kids, volunteer for people in need, travel cross country, whatever it is they want to do.  I need that!  I will have that!  They are out there inspiring and helping people to start their own businesses.  They want you to succeed!  They give you the tools and tell you what to do to succeed!  It is up to you to do it!  Sure, not everyone succeeds.  If they did then everyone and their sister would be doing it and everyone would be a millionaire.  You have to have drive and determination.  I have those!  When I am given a task, I run with it.  I tackle it like a crazy lady!

That has been my problem lately.  I don't have anything to attack.  Yes, I have the house to take care of and the kids to take care of, and I have my regular job.  But all of that is on auto-pilot.  Nothing is making my brain work on overtime.  I NEED to attack things, that is how I thrive!  When someone tells me to do something whenever I get around to it, it just goes into the list of things to do and it is like washing my hands.  If someone gives me a list of 800 things to do by tomorrow afternoon...........I will do 900 things by tomorrow morning!  I don't like to disappoint!

This has been great for me.  It has been lots of self discovery and personal growth, with plenty more to happen.  I need personal growth!  I was cocooned up in my own little world of work and kids and not paying attention to others around me.  If nothing else, it has made me realize again that people need people!  It has made me more aware of what others may be going through and more willing to help them, or at the very least encourage them!

I know people around me think I am nuts and shouldn't do this...So did those around Walt Disney.  You all know how much I love Walt!  Everyone thought he was INSANE for thinking he could build a theme park!  I'm not saying I am like Walt, but I am saying nothing ventured, nothing gained.  My Mom used to always say that to me.  If it doesn't work out, so what, I will have bought my house hold products at wholesale and had lots of personal growth.  BUT - What if it does?????  I don't even want to say what if it does, because at this point I am telling you...It WILL work out!  I know it will!  I have to come out of my comfort zone a little bit, but it will all pay off.  I know it will!!!

For those that think I already have too much going on...You are right!  But guess what.  If you keep on doing what you have been doing all along, you will never move from where you are.  Not that being here is a bad thing, but I know it can be better.  You should always strive to improve yourself, and always move forward.  I am not good at becoming complacent, I must always try to make things better, or else things will slowly get worse, and I won't even notice.

If you have ever thought about owning your own business, I strongly encourage you to contact me about how I can help you and guide you.  There is never any pressure and you can just be yourself!  It is less than the price of a laptop, and the rewards can be astonishing if you believe in yourself and the products!  You can do it!!!  I would love to be that person to propel you out of your funk and move you on to greatness!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Let's wash those hands!

You may not know this, but I am a compulsive hand washer.  I am sure there are people out there that wash more than me, but I wash my hands A LOT.  This causes major problems in the winter.  My hands will crack, bleed, and skin peels off like crazy.  I am painting a lovely picture, I know!  My kids ask me why am I so "scratchy" meaning my skin is rough, and they are just pretty ugly.  I use lotion in the winter but it burns and stings.  I add O'Keefe's and it is OK but nothing really helps.  PS - I use the hottest water I can find.  My husband lovingly refers to my hands as "restaurant hands".  I am not going to stop washing my hands.  I actually LOVE to wash my hands.  In the winter if I am cold, it warms me up.  If I come in from outside and feel gross, it makes me feel better.  It is almost therapeutic for me.  Don't judge :)  Oddly, I do not like hand sanitizer.  As soon as I put it on, I want to go wash my hands.

So, my Arbonne sponsor Cindy brought in this Hand Lotion Combo for the office to use.  O.M.G!  If I weren't an Arbonne consultant already I would have totally bought some from her.  This stuff is amazing!  My hand's are soooooooooo soft!

Granted, it is Spring and it has not been put through the ultimate test of Winter at the McLoughlin house.  But my hands are so soft!  Best Part - It is Pure. Safe. Beneficial.  Meaning this soap and lotion will not send horrible chemicals into my body!  Yes!

I loved it so much that I thought it would be the perfect teacher gift!  I ordered 5.  One for my kitchen, one for my bathroom, and 3 for the teachers in my children's lives!  This is the perfect housewarming gift, hostess gift, anything!  My office is going crazy for it, everyone loves it!

I hear there is a minty version that comes out at the Holiday's!  Merry Christmas to me!!!

I will certainly review that, and I will have to do another review of this in the winter to let everyone know how my hands are holding up!

Please Remember:  What goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!

Stay Healthy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Look into my eyes.....

Today I am going to focus on my eyes...I know there are probably bigger items that I could focus on, but I want to talk about eyeliner and mascara today.  This was the sleeper hit for me.  I have always been a mini-brush mascara user.  I have used other kinds but I really love the mini-brush.  Whenever I try to use any other brand I see that big huge wand coming at me and I instantly get it all over myself!

I bought the pink tube once, I don't even remember the name, but everyone raves about it.  I hated it!  I used it for vacation only, and finally I just tossed it.  The brush was HUGE and it was clumpy.  I realize everyone loves different things, so that was just me.

Then as I was buying my initial products to use from Arbonne I decided to throw in some mascara.  I don't know why, I didn't really want to stray from my mini-brush.  I threw in some eyeliner as well.  I had a bunch of credits where if I didn't use them I would lose them, so what the heck!

The eyeliner is almost exactly the same as the eyeliner I currently use!  SCORE!  Why change then, you ask?  Well, for starters, there is ONE MAJOR difference in the 2 eyeliners.  The new one isn't filled with chemicals!  It does not have any animal parts in it - I'm sorry, I just still cannot get over this.  I am going to make a whole post about that next!  It glides on just as smooth, if not smoother than my current eyeliner.  Sold!

Back to the eyeliner...But it's so expensive you say.  Let's take a look.  The eyeliner  I purchased is 23.00 retail.  I do not pay retail for anything - ever!  Neither should you!  More on that later too!  I get 35% off of this eyeliner.  Bringing me to 14.95.  Like I said above, I had credits to use, so I think by the time I was finished it cost me 5.00.  The eyeliner I use is from any drugstore.  I checked Target and it was 4.50, minus my 5% for having a redcard it is 4.27.  Why do I always end up paying 8.00 when I am desperate for it??  So it is a 10.00 difference.  But this little notice that I just saw on the website will make me pay the extra 10.00:
"WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."

Wait, what??  I am finished having kids, but really?  I can still get cancer!  I see this from time to time and have always glanced over it.  Now I am suddenly aware (@_@)

Now to the mascara.  I was hesitant as I have stated before.  For starters, the brush isn't as big as I thought it was going to be - whew!  But it isn't a mini brush either.  I tried it out and LOVED it!!  First of all the smell - weird right?  It has a nice smell.  Not over-powering or perfumey, just a nice scent.  Second, it goes on so smooth!  My lashes looked very nice after.  Third, you all know what I am going to say by now...At least I hope you know...IT ISN'T FILLED WITH CHEMICALS!  Yay!

I don't wear eyeshadow, and I am not going to start now because I am an Arbonne Consultant, however, everyone I have talked to has loved it!  So give it a try!  You have 45 days to return it if you don't like it!

One more thing...Paying retail!  Never, ever pay retail for Arbonne!  If you become a preferred customer - it is 20.00 for a year! - you will receive 20% off every single order you place for an entire year!  Why would you not?  If you love the products as much as I do - Join my team!  Send me a message on how to get started and save 35% just like me!

Monday, June 1, 2015

People are starting to notice.....

I FINALLY went back to boot camp today.  Whew that felt good!  I was having a hard time getting back into the routine after being sick, then vacation.  I hit the 6 am class.  If I don't, then there is no way I am going to work out.  I look for excuses all day as to why I couldn't possibly go to the gym that night.  Lame, I know, but at least I acknowledge it!  Considering how long it has been since I went last (2 weeks maybe), I did great!  I don't know if it was because of the detox or not

Twice today people have said to me - "You look great!"  "You look thin today".  I think most of it has to do with my outfit, but I'll take it!  I'm just wearing jeans and a sweater (It's JUNE!  Where is the heat???)  Honestly though, I am feeling great!  I don't have that brain fog I usually have after eating, and my clothes do feel bigger.  That always adds some spring in my step!

Best of all though, this has caused me to make wiser choices when eating.  There have been so many times where I would have eaten some form of junk on the table, but instead I went for the veggies.  That is amazing!  All because Arbonne made me realize that chemicals are bad for you (and they are in EVERYTHING!!!), and there is a safer, cleaner way to do things.  I am by no means reformed.  I still use and eat junk...But slowly I am changing over my life and my family's lives.  Yay!

Always remember:  What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body!

Stay Healthy!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Arbonne 30 day detox - Day 2 and beyond

So day 2 rolled around and I was off to a much better start!

I woke up and had my lemon water.

I made a smoothie that made a bit more sense.  It had 1 scoop choc, 1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop fiber, 1 banana, 1 cup coconut milk, water to fill line, over ice.  Ahhh, I actually like the powder?!  Thank Goodness!!!!

Around 10:30 I was feeling a little blah.  This is the time where I would usually have my 2nd cup of rocket fuel coffee.  I grabbed for one of those handy fizz sticks.  Almost immediately I was back to my normal self...Woo-Hoo!  My boss sent me an article about an ingredient called Rhodiola that is supposed to be great for you!  Added Bonus!!

Lunch was the typical brown rice, chicken, spinach, and avocado.  What can I say, I'm an easy date!

I had a cup of tea around 2:00 where I would have usually had my 3rd cup of coffee...I'm feeling very clean!

Dinner was again something of the brown rice, chicken and greens variety...God, I'm boring :)

My face this day looked amazing.  Skin wise and puffy wise.  Some days my face is very puffy and I never know why!  BUT - I was pretty cranky.

Day 3 was pretty much the same - I was surprised I didn't have any type of withdrawl from the coffee...

Day 4 - Hello Wall!  It was Saturday morning and I couldn't get out of bed!  My body was killing me!!!  My joints, my back, my legs.  WHOA!!!  I was a little nervous.  Was this product killing me??  I started googling food detox, body aches.  OH!  I was going through crap-food detox!  I started reading about how old injuries can begin to flare up because now that your body doesn't have to work on processing crap, it can get to working on stuff it didn't have time to work on before.  I found this fascinating!  I guess some people would quit, this made me want to follow the process all the more!  I certainly don't want to load myself back up with crap because I am in a little pain.  Onward we go!!!

The aches and pains went on for about 5 days and then they were gone.  It hurt to lay down, I could barely sleep, it was pretty intense!  I'm happy it is over!!!

Day 15 - We left for Disney.  I ate from the menu with healthy eating in mind.  However, I was not going to go to my son't birthday dinner and not have an ice cream sundae while everyone else was.  I want to enjoy myself while I am out on a special occasion and I don't want every one to feel uncomfortable to be eating while I am sitting there drinking water.  I was concerned that with all the time off the detox it would be hard to get back into it....

To be honest, I couldn't wait to get back on it!  The day after we got home I was right back to making my smoothies and loving it!  PS - Fizz Sticks are a great way to keep on marathon-ing while at Disney!  Yes, we are the family that is going from sun up to sun down and beyond :)

I am back to detoxing and I really don't have an end date in sight.  I would like for this to just be my normal every day way of life, it really isn't that hard!

Have I noticed a change?  Yes!  I feel great!  And while I haven't really lost pounds, I certainly noticed a difference in my body when I put on a bathing suit!  I am a relatively thin person I guess.  I am what I am clinically supposed to weigh (100 lbs for the first 5 feet, then 5 lbs for every inch after).  But I have trouble zones that no matter what I do seem to always stay the same.  My upper body is always good...It's the lower half that causes me issues...

I have before pictures, but I am not posting until I have my after pics...Even then, I just don't know if I can post those.  I guess I am more self conscious than I realize.

My first day on the Arbonne 30 Day Detox!

I Started the 30 day detox on a bit of a whim (Surprise surprise).  I was not yet thinking of selling Arbonne,  I was felling a little junky, and I woke up thinking "LET'S DO THIS!"  So I got to work and asked my co-worker to get me started.  That was Tuesday.  On Wednesday she brought in the whole kit.  1 vegan chocolate protein powder, 1 vanilla vegan protein powder, detox tea, fizz sticks, fiber powder, 7 day cleanse and the digestive aid.  Whew!  That was a lot to carry home!  I made a smoothie at home and decided that I would add the powder when I got to work on Wednesday.  That was a big mistake!  I wasn't able to mix it properly and it was chunky.  I was suddenly wondering how in the heck I was going to get through these 2 huge bags of protein powder...I hated it!

But I am getting ahead of myself.  First, let me explain what the detox is.  You have a shake for breakfast, lunch is either a shake or something healthy, and dinner is a healthy choice as well.  Not much snacking going on.  If you need a snack it can be a handful of almonds or something similar. A "healthy" meal consists of half of your plate as green veggies, a small portion of a gluten free starch, and a hunk of lean/clean protein that is about the size of your fist.  What is not included in that list, and should be given up includes: Soy, sugar, gluten, dairy and caffeine (WHAT???!!!).  I usually lose people when they hear they can't have their morning coffee.  Let me just say that I started drinking coffee when I was about 14 years old.  I love coffee.  I have had it every single day of my life since then.  I am 38 years old.  That's a whole lotta coffee.  I have it in the morning when I get up.  I have it after lunch around 2:30.  I would also have it at night after dinner (decaf).  That was really asking a lot out of me.  BUT - I like to try things out, so let's see what happens.

So, you wake up and have warm lemon water.  Not quite coffee, but a surprisingly nice substitute!

Lunch and dinner I have brown rice, chicken and veggies usually anyway, so that is not a huge stretch for me.

Back to my first day.  I decided I was going to have to get crafty if I were going to get through these bags of protein.  So I went home that night and made some protein bars!  They consisted of:
  • ·         1 cup peanut butter
  • ·         2/3 cup honey.  Some local honey preferrable.
  • ·         1 cup protein powder (1/2 choc, ½ vanilla)
  • ·         2 cups whole oats
Heat the honey and pb over a low heat.  Add in the powder and then add this to the oats.  I greased the pyrex dish with coconut oil and put them in the dish.  Some people roll them into balls, but I prefer to eat a bar.  These were good!!!  Yes!

I I also knew that at the 15 day mark I would be heading to Disney with the crew...It is almost impossible to detox at Disney - and to be quite honest, I didn't want to.  I wanted to eat in the places where I made my reservations 180 days ago, and I wanted to eat whatever was on the menu.

S So, my first day started off a bit bumpy.  It got MUCH better!  Check out my next post to see how I did...

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A little more back story...

This is a little more information about me and how I got started.  I wrote this on my personal blog before I decided to have a blog dedicated to Arbonne...Yes, I really do love it that much!

So recently a co-worker introduced me to Arbonne...Try it out, she says.  Just take home the bag and use the 5 steps.  5 STEPS???  That seems like a lot, but ok, I'm a sport, I'll try it.  I didn't even know what it was.

I washed my face at 9:30 at night before bed and I texted her.  My face has NEVER felt that way in my life!

Let me give a brief back-story.  I had had acne since about 4th grade.  I have tried everything.  Natural, chemical, the only thing I did not try was accutane, because I read that if you are even thinking of having kids soon, it could give them spina-bifida....WHAT???  I was only a teenager at the time (not thinking of having kids obviously) but that bothered me.  No thank you!  I'll keep the zits!

I tried every item.  Then someone told me about Pro-Activ.  I tried it...It worked to a point.  It was clearer than it used to be - so ok!  BUT - everytime I laid my head on the pillow it bleached the pillowcases.  I started travelling with a towel so I wouldn't ruin people's sheets.  That also started to bother me!  Am I putting bleach on my face??

I ended up clearing up pretty much completely when I had my kids.  Maybe it was all hormonal? I started washing my face with oil (a mix of castor and olive) and that worked well until the summer, when I couldn't get the mix right.  I gave up soap all together and it has been pretty good.  But I still wanted to wash my face.  I tried various Sephora items, but I didn't like those either.

Back to Arbonne.....I was able to try the products for 3 days.  She gave me a full kit, like what I would get if I purchased it.  I didn't want to give it back!  But I had to :(  Something inside of me right then just clicked....I HAD to sell this stuff.  I HAD to be part of this company.  I have a full time job already,  I have 2 kids.  I don't care.  I had to work for them.  I didn't even know anything about the company - it was just calling me.  I am doing it in my spare time for now.  I hope I can make it full time one day, but for now I just want people to realize what is out there in store bought products and help people be healthy.  These products are all-natural, no chemicals, and nothing harmful to you or to animals.  Wonderful!

Then I tried the detox program.  WOW!  I thought it was going to be a tough go, but I find this to be remarkable!  I have no problem giving up caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy...WHAT???  No coffee?  I don't even care!  I journaled my first few days of the detox and I have taken before pictures.  Now I am just living in detox and I love it, but I will post my first few days for all to read.  It is a very easy program!  I love it!  I have a whole kit of Vegan Protein powder - some of the best tasting powder out there!  Fizz sticks to give you energy by way of vitamins.  Fiber, Pro-biotics, and detox tea.

If you want to know more about the products please comment here, or visit my site!

Please don't forget - What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body!

Stay Healthy!

RE9 - I love you!

I would like to go into a little more depth about the RE9 products.  These are the products that got me hooked on Arbonne.  I guess you can already tell it will be a glowing review, but I will go into a little more depth.

First of all there are 5 steps.  That seems like a lot at first glance.  Trust me when I tell you - it goes fast!  This is what the products look like when they come for the first time.  I was so happy to receive my brand new box of goodies!

So, let's get started.  First off, you wash your face.  Easy enough, that's a standard, right?!  After washing your face you spray the toner.  One spritz, done.  Renewal Serum, one pump - rub on your face...Fast!  Next comes the eye creme...This one is tough for me because I really only want a half a pump.  Half a pump for both eyes, and I am done.  Usually I forget and do a whole pump.  Step 5 is day creme with sunscreen SPF 20.  I am hoping we all do that anyway - it is so important!!  At night that step is swapped out for night creme.  Boom - you're done!  I line up the bottles at my "beauty area" and just zip through the steps.  For skin that feels this amazing, I will do it!

So, next you are probably thinking - 5 steps...This must be expensive!  It depends.  If you are used to using drugstore products, then you will have a bit of sticker shock.  If you are used to using Clinique, you will notice it is about the same.  If you are used to using more upscale products - you are going to be saving a ton of money!

The BEST part of all is that I am no longer putting harsh chemicals all over my face!  I never really thought about it, but when they told me it takes 26 seconds for your body to bring in all the junk that is in other products it got me thinking.  I just assumed that products had to be good for you...You know what happens when you assume, right!?  Please think about what you are putting on your body!!

But you could get everything for FREE!  All you have to do is host a party!  Simple!  Invite 4-5 of your friends over for a spa party, and receive great rewards as a host!

Check my website for more details on all of our products!  Up next, mascara and eyeliner!

Let's Get Started!!!

So, recently I started a business in Jersey City, NJ and I am so excited to share it here!  First I will tell you a little bit about me, then I will tell you a little about how I got started.

I'm a Mid-West girl who grew up in St. Louis, Mo.  I had visited New York City a few times growing up and knew I had to live there.  It was in my gut!  That is how I do most things in life...My gut tells me to!  1999, I moved to Hoboken, NJ and never looked back!  I have lived here since, met my husband at work (we worked together for 13 years!) and now we have 2 amazing kiddos!  We moved to Jersey City, NJ in 2006.  I am a .net programmer/SQL DBA by day, but something has been nagging me for a long time...I needed to do something more.  I needed to help others somehow, or at least feel like I had a purpose beyond running queries.  Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for my job.  It offers me the flexibility to be a Mom and not miss out on school events.  I just needed another side, I had no idea what it even meant, it was just nagging me.

Getting Started:
My husband was feeling the same way.  He was a Network Administrator at our company and he felt a little empty.  At the same time, he has his passion - music.  He is a musician at heart.  He ended up going out and finding a new job.  His replacement is now my sponsor at Arbonne!  She introduced me to this amazing company, and from the minute I tried the products, I just knew in my gut that I had to sell these products!

So that is me in a very brief nutshell!  I am starting this blog so that I can review the products that I receive, and keep everyone up to date on the business and how it is going.

I encourage anyone out there who is feeling like they need something more to check out the business.  Contact me and I can help you, just like my sponsor helped me.  I am amazed at the amount of love and support these women and men show when you are starting up and beyond.  Sure, I had to buy some products, but nothing that is going to break the bank, and besides, I get to use them all and try them.  They really want you to succeed and do amazing.  No pressure, you can work at your own pace, but there is a HUGE business behind it, and it is something you can feel good about.

Up next, a review of RE9!

Please remember - What goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!

Stay Healthy!