Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why am I doing Arbonne?

Today's post is going to serve double duty for me...Number One, it is going to let everyone know why I started this business.  Number 2, it is going to be a reminder to myself of why I am doing this business.  Those days when I have a sudden fear of WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!!??  I am going to come back and read this post!

Let me say one thing straight out.  I have yet to wonder what the heck am I thinking!  I have been all in from the moment I realized the opportunity.  Never looked back!  I always go with my gut when I make decisions.  Sometimes they are quick decisions - those are usually my best ones!  Something about this just felt right and I went with it.

So why the heck AM I doing it???  I have lots of reasons.  I think and type at the same time, so buckle your seat belt!

First and foremost - my gut told me to.  I have been over this enough now.  That is the first thing I go to for advice.

I tried the products and I absolutely loved them.  When I found out the purpose of the product (Pure. Safe. Beneficial.) was to bring a safe alternative to the utter crap that is out there, it made me love them all the more.  I don't know about you, but when I hear all natural cleaning products I instantly assume they don't work.  Not the case here!!  Besides, I find it funny that people care more about cleaning their counters safely, than cleaning their BODIES safely!  I was included in this category.  Why do we assume cosmetic and skin care companies are safe???

So, now I am interested in using the products.  Why don't I just become a preferred client and save 20%?  That is not good enough for me.  I must spread the information that I have learned so far, and if I could one day make a living at this, all the better!  This is my plan B for if one day I come to work and they decide they are cutting my department.  Or my husband gets cut.  Or something happens to one of us.  Guess what...If I die tomorrow, my last paycheck will come on the 15th.  When I kill it at Arbonne, my salary is willable to my children.  So, if I were Area Manager right now, and I died tomorrow, my family would still receive my checks from the business that I had built!  That is awesome! One more thing about being a consultant.  Now, when I buy any type of product for us, I am buying it from myself!  Why the hell would I open up a coffee shop, and then stop and buy coffee every day from Dunkin or Starbucks?  Especially if I liked my coffee more, and it was safer for me?

I went to a Discover Arbonne meeting with Cindy, who is my sponsor.  I was completely inspired by these women.  They are out there, making it happen so they can do what they want with their lives.  Stay home with the kids, volunteer for people in need, travel cross country, whatever it is they want to do.  I need that!  I will have that!  They are out there inspiring and helping people to start their own businesses.  They want you to succeed!  They give you the tools and tell you what to do to succeed!  It is up to you to do it!  Sure, not everyone succeeds.  If they did then everyone and their sister would be doing it and everyone would be a millionaire.  You have to have drive and determination.  I have those!  When I am given a task, I run with it.  I tackle it like a crazy lady!

That has been my problem lately.  I don't have anything to attack.  Yes, I have the house to take care of and the kids to take care of, and I have my regular job.  But all of that is on auto-pilot.  Nothing is making my brain work on overtime.  I NEED to attack things, that is how I thrive!  When someone tells me to do something whenever I get around to it, it just goes into the list of things to do and it is like washing my hands.  If someone gives me a list of 800 things to do by tomorrow afternoon...........I will do 900 things by tomorrow morning!  I don't like to disappoint!

This has been great for me.  It has been lots of self discovery and personal growth, with plenty more to happen.  I need personal growth!  I was cocooned up in my own little world of work and kids and not paying attention to others around me.  If nothing else, it has made me realize again that people need people!  It has made me more aware of what others may be going through and more willing to help them, or at the very least encourage them!

I know people around me think I am nuts and shouldn't do this...So did those around Walt Disney.  You all know how much I love Walt!  Everyone thought he was INSANE for thinking he could build a theme park!  I'm not saying I am like Walt, but I am saying nothing ventured, nothing gained.  My Mom used to always say that to me.  If it doesn't work out, so what, I will have bought my house hold products at wholesale and had lots of personal growth.  BUT - What if it does?????  I don't even want to say what if it does, because at this point I am telling you...It WILL work out!  I know it will!  I have to come out of my comfort zone a little bit, but it will all pay off.  I know it will!!!

For those that think I already have too much going on...You are right!  But guess what.  If you keep on doing what you have been doing all along, you will never move from where you are.  Not that being here is a bad thing, but I know it can be better.  You should always strive to improve yourself, and always move forward.  I am not good at becoming complacent, I must always try to make things better, or else things will slowly get worse, and I won't even notice.

If you have ever thought about owning your own business, I strongly encourage you to contact me about how I can help you and guide you.  There is never any pressure and you can just be yourself!  It is less than the price of a laptop, and the rewards can be astonishing if you believe in yourself and the products!  You can do it!!!  I would love to be that person to propel you out of your funk and move you on to greatness!

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