Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Miracle Product!

One again I am finding myself talking about a product that is a sleeper hit.  That means I didn't even know about this product and it turns out to be one of the BEST products out there!  People who use this product - LOVE this product!!!  They refer to it as the Miracle product!  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the Renewing Body Gelée.  This is from the Sea Source Detox line.  So what is so fabulous about this product?  Oh, let us count the ways.....
  1. Apply to Sore muscles
  2. Apply it to chaffed skin after a long run (or any other time you may have chafed skin.......)
  3. Apply to a sunburn. It will prevent peeling and provides a nice cooling feeling.
  4. HEADACHES!!!  MIGRAINES!!! - Prepare a fizz stick to drink and apply to your temples and neck when you feel it coming on.  It will usually ward it off, or at least have some significant relief!
  5. Spider bites and bee stings
  6. Restless Leg Syndrome - Rub on your legs before you go to bed.
  7. Fibromyalgia - Rub a little on your joints
  8. Arthritis or any type of joint pain
  9. Deodorant! - I have stopped using regular deodorant and now use this!  I was very skeptical that it would work, because I am embarrassed to say, I have to use clinical strength normally.  I am sitting in my dining room - in a heat wave - sweating to death - and I am smelling good!!!
  10. Hot Flashes!  Rub a little on the back of your neck to cool you down.
  11. Cuts and scratches
  12. Use it during radiation treatment
  13. Apply to any type of rash and it will be gone!
  14. Gets rid of stretch marks!
I'm sure there are more uses for this amazing product - anybody who uses it loves it!  The retail is 51.00, which seems like a lot at first.  If you are a preferred client it is 40.80.  If you host a party, you can get it for free!  As with all Arbonne products you only use a little bit, so it will last you a looooong time, it is free of mineral oil, chemicals, animals (no animal products or by-products, no testing on animals) , it is PURE. SAFE. BENEFICIAL.

I have to give props to another blogger, who is a runner (I do not know her), for her unbiased review.  I found most of these uses from her and the comments!

If you have ever used this product please let me know what you think!  I personally loved it before, and now that I know all of this I love it even more!  Visit my site to learn more about this product and many others!

Stay Healthy!  And Remember - What goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!

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