Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 1...This almost never happens!

Hi There!  As promised, I am here reporting for duty!

Today did not go as planned - AT ALL!

I was to spend my day in a rental property that I have while a new heater/hot water heater was installed...This is day 1 of a 2 day process.  I decided that I would be nice and prepared, and I would pack a healthy lunch of brown rice, and chicken fajita that I had made in the slow cooker.  It was just chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes, seasoning, garlic, and lime juice.  It was pretty good, I saw it on the Tasty Website.  ANYWAY.......Then I brought a protein bar for a snack.

I get to the condo early, put my food in the fridge and set up to start working.  I do after all still have to work my job even though I am at the condo.

The plumber arrives, and because this is the city and apartments are small, he has to take the door off the laundry room to slide out the washer/dryer.  He slides out the w/d into the kitchen and gets to work.  It is a major pain in the butt it slide this thing out, so I feel bad for him already.

I'm working away and all of a sudden I am hungry!  I go to get my lunch.......Uh-oh, the w/d is blocking the fridge!  Dang, I cannot ask him to move it, I would feel like a real jerk!  Besides, I then wouldn't be able to get to the microwave because the whole entrance is blocked!

So now what?  I have to go out.  I decide that on a typical day, this would have called for an "Oh well, I tried, now let's go to Johnny Rockets!" but I can't do that...I made a commitment!

So I went out for a coffee thinking I would have my protein bar now, and I would have my lunch when he leaves.  Technically, we are not supposed to have coffee with cream, but I bent the rules just a bit because I was freezing (did I mention NO HEAT!) and needed something hot.

I get my coffee and go back to the condo...Where is my protein bar?  Oh man...I put it in the F#@$*ng fridge!!!!!

Luckily, I was so insanely busy with work that I completely forgot that I was even hungry!

When I finally got home, I ate my protein bar (well, I actually scarfed that down in the car on the way home) and some popcorn (I'm an addict) because it was too late to eat before dinner.

Dinner was a nice meal of a Bison burger (no bun) and some steamed brussel sprouts.

I then had a cup of detox tea and another protein bar after dinner.

So, day one didn't go as planned (they never do), but I think I did pretty well despite the many obstacles!

Let's see how I do on day 2........

PS - I did weigh myself today.  I was 138 pounds.  I did not take measurements, but I will hopefully tomorrow!

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