Monday, February 8, 2016

Walking the walk.....

We all know I LOVE Arbonne!  I would think by now you all know I have been on the 30 days to healthy living FOREVER! (267 days to be exact).  I share this because I want you to know how easy it is to incorporate this into your daily life!  Of course I have not been 100% for the last 267 days.   We want you to aim for 80% of the time.  I always say if there is a birthday, by all means have birthday cake.  If you are going to a friends house for dinner, please eat what they serve you.  You can always make it up at the next meal.  You do not want to offend a host by eating nothing and drinking water in the corner.  Enjoy yourself!  You don't have to eat 6 slices of pizza, but you can eat one and a salad for sure :)

So I have decided to run a little experiment.  Our team is launching a 30 days to Healthy Living challenge!  We are offering up a CASH REWARD to the Healthiest Human for the month of March (I don't know if NBC will allow me to say the Biggest Loser)!  Here are the details:

  1. Comment below if you would like help gettng started! -OR -
  2. Sign up as a Preferred Client (or Rep) under Me Here.  
  3. Order the 30 Days special Value Pack
    1. The only way to get the special Value Pack is if you are a preferred client.  I suggest add something to your cart and go to check out.  Upgrade to the Preferred Client and then you will see an option to purchase a Special Value Pack.  Delete the other item in your cart.
    2. you will automatically get a free 50.00 gift of your choice, do not forget to order it!!, 40% off your order, and your preferred client membership paid for (20% off all purchases for 1 year)!
  4. I will add you to the secret Facebook group.  No one will see you post.  You can ask questions, get recipes, get support, and get tips from other users.
  5. Take a video of you weighing yourself and send it to me...I will not share it!
What is in it for you??  A number of things:
  1. Your Health!  We had people lose between 9 and 26 pounds last month!  The average loss was 10 pounds per person!
  2. A reduced toxic load, which in turn makes the fat melt away, and the medical problems you may be having go away!  Hypertension, high blood pressure, indigestion, IBS, etc.
  3. Cash Baby!  How much?  Well, that depends on how many people are in the group.  But we are paying out 10.00 per person in the group.  So if there are 100 people in the group, that is 1000.00!

What is my experiment?  I am going to follow the plan and blog about it every day.  What I ate, how I felt, any obstacles that I came across and how I got past them.  Because after all, this is real life and stuff gets in your way, and if you want to be healthy you have to be able to figure a way around it!

So I am going to get us started.  First of all, I am going to post a few recipes so that I can just refer to my Chocolate shake, or my protein bar, and you will know what I mean.

So let's get started!  I want to show everyone just how easy this plan is.  Stay Tuned........

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